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This portfolio collection consists of the 4 prints below ready to frame in standard (off the shelf) 8" x 10" frames. The set of Colorado prints is plastic wrapped flat against cardboard and contains a descriptive front and back cover.

Dallas Divide, San Juan Mountains
Glacier Gorge, Rocky Mountain National Park
The San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado will never fail to leave an impression on the beholder. This is especially true during autumn when hues of yellow, orange and red play across the rugged terrain.

One of the many waterfalls and cascades along Glacier Creek as it flows through Glacier Gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Maroon Lake near Aspen, Colorado

Columbine above Stony Pass near Silverton, Colorado.
Maroon Bells are two stunning mountains towering over 14,000 feet (by lazares). They often reflect nicely in Maroon Lake near the ski town of Aspen creating the classic Colorado image.

Colorado Blue Columbine (state flower) high on the shoulder of Green Mountain above Stony Pass near Silverton, Colorado.

Colorado Portfolio Front Cover
Colorao Portfolio Back Cover
Front Cover
Back Cover

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