Photo of Montana by well known landscape photographer Andy Cook.

Photo of an old barn in Montana.

Photo of Montana.

Image Name: Montana Barn Front sepia 4 cd 1 2991 2994

Maximum size of this print - 40 inches tall x 61.9 inches long; Cost - $695.00
30 inches tall x 46.4 inches long; Cost - $499.00
  24 inches tall x 37.1 inches long; Cost - $395.00
20 inches tall x 31 inches long; Cost - $295.00
16 inches tall x 24.8 inches long; Cost - $199.00
11 inches tall x 17 inches long; Cost - $109.00
8 inches tall x 12.4 inches long; Cost - $55.00

This image is only available as a print; no stock use.

Maximum print size of this image is 40" x 61.9".

This image was created by stitching three 16 megapixel, full frame sensor, digital SLR images together. It can be enlarged to mural size with good results.

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