Andy Cook
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Landscape and Nature Photographer Andy Cook
Andy Cook

Andy Cook is an outdoor enthusiast and gifted nature photographer. He graduated from the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1985 with a B.S. degree in Geophysics. In 1987 he moved to Colorado and immediately took to exploring the state. Upon discovering nature photography in 1997 he embraced it with a passion. In 2008 nature photography became his full time job. Andy thoroughly enjoys helping others develop their photographic abilities and experience the great outdoors.

Andy enjoys traveling and photographing the scenic beauty of the places he visits. As a photographer, he has wonderful attention to detail in composition and technique.

Andy's photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers including National Audubon Society, Colorado Adventure, 5280 Magazine, and Colorado Vacation Planner. He has also sold images to National Geographic, National Geographic Maps, Budweiser, The Conservation Campaign, American National Bank, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) and more. His work also appears on calendars, postcards and note cards and he has sold many prints to various individuals and institutions.

Andy Cook

"...Andy Cook is one of Colorado's best outdoor photographers." The Voice, Fort Collins, CO.

"Best Nature Photographer: Andy Cook - In a region that's understandably strong in nature photography, Cook stands out for his quality, his productivity and his commitment to passing on everything he knows to aspiring photographers." The Gazette, Colorado Springs

" array of eye-catching landscape scenes that would make any nature lover homesick. The vivid colors and striking compositions of these wilderness photographs prove just how accomplished a photographer Cook has become." Colorado Springs Independent

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