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Andy's Fee Schedule (for general shooting described below)
Hourly Rate - $220.00 per hour plus expenses. (Maximum # of hours charged per day is five.)
Daily Rate - $900.00 per day plus expenses. Generally expenses are lodging and transportation (gas). Depending upon the amount of travel time required, a fee may be charged for travel time.

Andy specializes in scenic landscape and nature photography and will assist with movie and TV locations. Usually most image rights from these types of shoots are transferred to the client. Andy is available for individual or group lessons and presentations. He is also available for private, individual or group field workshops and he is able to conduct workshops for other workshop providers.

Fees for other types of outdoor shooting such as advertisement work for large or national corporations are negotiated case by case with each client.

Client List Includes:
JA Jones
Sandstone Ranch
Harris Corp.
Rainmaker Sprinkler, Inc.
Reel Combo Systems
ADR German TV 1; Gerd Ruge - Colorado Shooting Location Assistance
Polaris - Victory Motorcycles - Rocky Mountain Victory Freedom Rally

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Client Photos

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Client Photos
Client Photos
Victory Motorcycles

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