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A Guide to Colorado's
Best Photography Locations

Cost: $19.95 - Full Color Book

Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations

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"WOW! I just finished planning an 11 day photo trip...   The entire trip was planned using your book. I have used "where to shoot" books before for other locales, but I have never encountered one with as much USEFUL detail as you have included. About the only thing that was missing were the "tripod holes"...   Great resource and worth several times the 20 bucks I paid for it." Dick Glass

"I just finished reading your landscape book and it has helped me SO much! I have only been taking pictures since last January and the way you explain things makes so much more sense to me than any other books I have read."  Tanni Wenger,  Oregon

Landscape Photography
with a Digital SLR
2nd Edition

Digital SLR Camera Instruction

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Field Lessons & Handouts
Costs: Free
Topics included: Composition, Camera Settings, Night Photography, Shooting Panoramas, Tripods, Field Workflow, New Lens Testing.
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Adobe Photoshop Video Instruction
Adobe® Photoshop® Video Tutorials
Cost: Free
Available Online - View Video Lessons

"I'll be going on your Colorado part 2 trip in September and am about 1/3 of the way through your instructional videos. Thank you very much! ... They are very usable. I have struggled with PS videos in the past and your pace and style are just right..." Rich Snider, Massachusett