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Adobe® Photoshop® Instruction For Landscape Photographers

Series of video lessons teaching Photoshop for Landscape and Nature Photographers
(Excellent for beginners and intermediate users of Adobe Photoshop.)

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop, please view the videos in the order they are presented, starting with the Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader videos. The videos linked to below were originally created with CS4 and CS6, but all of them were reviewed in 2017. Notations and comments have been added to specific videos to update the information to CC2017. Once a comment was made updating the information in a particular video it may not be repeated in subsequent videos, therefore it is best to view them in sequential order.

Disclaimer: Occasional misspoken words - I’m not an expert at creating videos - I’m simply showing the viewer how I use Adobe Photoshop to process my landscape photographs.

A photographer is not going to perform every task shown in these videos on every image. The photographer will only perform the tasks required to achieve desired results. Photographers must know how they want the finished image to look.

Shameless Plug: Taking one of our longer, field workshops or post processing classes can really help a photographer learn what they might like to do to an image.

Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader Video Instruction

Adobe Bridge Video Instruction
Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader - 3 Lessons

This program is typically used to transfer images from a camera or memory card to a computer.

Adobe Bridge - 7 Lessons

Adobe Bridge is a program used for organizing and viewing images.

Adobe Camera Raw Video Instruction
Adobe Photoshop Video Instruction
Adobe Camera Raw - 12 Lessons

As photographers ACR is where we will often perform most of our image adjustments.

View Adobe Photoshop Lessons 1 - 13 (Beginner)
Arrange Workspace; Preferences; Settings; Layers

Adobe Photoshop Video Instruction
Adobe Photoshop Video Instruction
View Adobe Photoshop Lessons 14 - 25 (Beginner)
Tools; Output for Printing and Email

View Adobe Photoshop Lessons 26 - 39 (Intermediate)
Layers; Blend Modes; Masking

Adobe Photoshop Video Instruction
Post Processing Video Instruction
View Adobe Photoshop Lessons 40 - 53 (Intermediate)
Contrast Mask; Advanced Masking; Panoramas; Actions
This is the end of our 1st video series titled
"Photoshop Instruction for Landscape Photographers".

Additional Post Processing Videos
Process images, start to finish; workflow (2013).
Longer videos.
View all other videos on this page before viewing these.

I use a PC, every screenshot and command in the videos is Windows based. If you use a Mac® then please use the information below to convert keys and commands:

Option or Opt
Right click on mouse.
Ctrl or Control + Click mouse

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl - A: Select all
Ctrl - C: Copy
Ctrl - V: Paste
Ctrl - D: Deselect
Ctrl - Z: Undoes the last thing you did.
Ctrl - +: Zooms in.
Ctrl - -: Zooms out.
Ctrl - I: Invert
Ctrl - Shift - J: Invert selection
Ctrl - J: copy selection to new layer
/ - View mask
Z - Zoom tool
C - Crop tool
B - Brush tool
J - Healing tool
S - Clone stamp
F - cycle through screen modes
[ - Decreases brush size
] - Increases brush size
Hold down the space bar - Grabber hand

Ctrl - Alt - Z: While holding the Ctrl and Alt key down, every tap of “Z” will undo actions to the image one action at a time starting with the most recent.

Use “Tab” to toggle the screen display. After you use tab to clear away the tool bar and layers palette you may use “Enter” to bring back just the currently selected tools top options bar.


Problem: When working in Adobe Bridge all of the items in the "Contents" tab disappears.
Solution: Check again to make sure that you actually do have the "Contents" tab selected and not the "Metadata" tab selected.

Problem: Clone tool or healing brush tool does not show circle.
Solution: Make the brush size smaller or bigger or try turning off the Caps Lock. Accidentally hitting the “Caps Lock” key will toggle the look of some tools.

Adobe Photoshop seems to have memory leaks. In my experience, it is best to occasionally close then reopen Adobe Photoshop to keep things working smoothly and efficiently.

Praise for the earlier DVD version.

"Really nice job you've done on your videos. I have been a member of Scott Kelby's online video website and while they cover a wide breadth of topics, I found your videos particularly helpful in the way they were presented from start to finish. Especially interesting to see your workflow process from Master file to Print and Web files. I've picked up some really useful ideas."

Doug Solis, California

"Andy, I just finished your Photoshop DVD and wanted to let you know how helpful it was. I have been using Aperture and Photoshop for years and have viewed many PS tutorials - but I have to say your DVD was EXTREMELY helpful with several "tips" and shortcut that I had never seen. It was well worth the investment in time and money."  Tim Weir, Texas

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These videos are not endorsed or sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated, publisher of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader.