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"A Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations"

   2nd Edition

This full color guide is loaded with photos and will save time and money by taking you directly to Colorado's finest photo locations!

A Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations Virtually all of Colorado is breathtaking to behold; its mountainous regions particularly stunning, causing it to be an extremely popular vacation destination.Even so, there are certain locations that hold far more photographic potential than others.

Every time I've returned from Wyoming to Colorado, driving south on State Hwy 125, I am invariably impressed with the scenic beauty that surrounds the North Park region near Walden. However, this region is not a common destination for photographers. Why? Because it does not yield a lot of calendar-quality images. Photographers are like fishermen. Fishermen go where there are big fish and lots of them; photographers like to go where there is incredible photogenic scenery and lots of it. The locations in this book are certainly not the only photography locations in Colorado; rather they are a selection of the best with an abundance of photographic potential.
Photography & Text by Andy Cook

This 176 page guide provides detailed information and maps to specific hot spots for wildflowers, autumn colors, Rocky Mountain National Park, popular scenic locations and more. ISBN 978-0-9760893-1-5

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Find Breathtaking wildflower sites
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Colorado's autumn foliage hot spots revealed
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Explore stunning photo locations in
Rocky Mountain National Park

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Discover Colorado's popular scenic locations
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Includes landscape photography instruction sample page

for the 2nd Edition

"Just want to let you know that I picked up the book A Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations this last Friday, and really love the work you put into it. Thanks for taking the time to put in driving directions, best times for light and etc. I look forward to visiting all of these places myself as well."
Tim Jackson

for the 1st Edition

"Your Colorado's Best Book... Your book was the catapult to some very exciting and rewarding pictures...
I just wanted to tell you that your descriptions of the areas I visited were perfect as well as the directions... Thank you. I also took some great photos. I'm just a beginner... but feel that your book made me look at photography much differently." Julie Begley, San Antonio, TX

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the "A Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations". I have used it for two trips to Crested Butte for the Wildflower festival (2005 and 2006), as well as Ouray and Rocky Mountain National Park (2005). The book led me to gorgeous places that I definitely wouldn't have found on my own. Even asking the local's for their recommendations wouldn't have gotten me to these great places. I know, I asked some locals trying to find other places and they didn't direct me to any place that was better. It was then that I was very grateful to have the book. The directions were even spot on getting me to isolated places off the beaten path. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing the book." Chuck Salisbury

REVIEWS / FEEDBACK for the Earlier Version on CD

"The Guide to Colorado's Best Photography Locations" far exceeded my expectations. The information it provides on a variety of subjects is far more extensive than I have found in many of the books that I have read. I would like to see more products similar to this one on the market for photographers, so that traveling to new destinations could be more productive and less stressful. This CD takes the guesswork out of when, where and how to get to Colorado's best photography sites.
It gets "two thumbs up" for sure!"
Debbie Ferrell-Smith - Editor, Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Photo Traveler had this to say in their Oct./Nov. 2001 issue
"...The CD format is straight forward and easy to use. You merely load it into your CD-ROM reader and double-click on the file "Start Here." That automatically opens your local Internet browser to the first page of the guide. The pages are all in standard html. Navigation is from or back to the Table of Contents or one page forward or backward... There are color photos and area maps throughout... There is quiet a bit of detail in the write-ups with photography tips scattered throughout..."

"A local's guide to the best of Colorado, this CD-ROM holds a wealth of information for photographers. Detailed directions, maps, best shooting times, road and trail conditions, beautiful photographs and landscape photography instruction are all included..." Black Rabbit Productions


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