Maine Coast Photography Workshop

Workshop location; A sunset sky is blazing with color above the Monhegan lighthouse. The image is a panorama due to the very long shape of the lighthouse keepers house which is attached to the lighthouse.

MAY 19th - 24th, 2024

One Space Available
$1690 USD
Instructor: Andy Cook


Join us as we photograph a few iconic scenes and many lessor know locations along the Maine Coast. During this workshop we'll strive for the quintessential Maine Coast experience by staying in several small, coastal villages in charming, historic hotels with limited services and we will eat the local flavor as often as possible.

FOCUS: Photographing two lighthouses, coastal scenes, quaint buildings, harbors and more.

Workshop image; Vertical Maine coast image of red and white lobster buoys strewn across piles of partially coiled turquoise, blue and tan rope.
Lobster Buoys
Photography location; Vertical Maine coast image of a severely weathered door on an old lobster shack. Lobster buoys and a rusty chair are aside the door.
Lobster Shack Door


The workshop starts on Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 4:30 pm with introductions and a brief meeting at the Bailey Island Motel. At 5:30 pm we depart to preview the next morning's locations then photograph sunset. Please eat dinner before our meeting.

LODGING LOCATION: Bailey Island Motel, 2041 Harpswell Islands Road, Bailey Island, ME 04003. 207-833-2886
Check-in Sunday, May 19, 2024; Check-out Monday, May 20, 2024.
We have already paid for these rooms, this night's lodging cost will be collected in advance of the workshop, no need to contact hotel.

Relocate to
Cod Cove Inn, 22 Cross Road, Edgecomb, ME 04556. 207-882-9586
Check-in Monday, May 20, 2024; Check-out Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Relocate to
Seaside Inn, 5 Cold Storage Road, Port Clyde, ME 04855. 207-372-0700
Check-in Tuesday, May 21, 2024; Check-out Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

Relocate by ferry to Monhegan Island
Monhegan House, Monhegan Island, ME 207-594-7983
Check-in Wednesday, May 22, 2024; Check-out Friday, May 24, 2024.
We have a block of rooms reserved here. Participants may contact the hotel starting January 15, 2024 to put a room in their name, please tell them you are with our group.

The workshop ends after morning photography on Friday, May 24, 2024.

NOTE: Consider arriving early or staying after the workshop. The Portland Head Light and the Nubble Light are two, photogenic lighthouses offering sunrise and sunset possibilities, but not a part of the workshop. Finding compositions at each is straight forward.

Workshop location; The Atlantic ocean swirls around shore rocks on the far right side of this image. In the bottom powerful leading lines are created by barnacles preferring a certain zone in the striated granite. The lines lead up and to the left, to the Pemaquid Lighthouse. A red and white set of buildings with the light still shining in the early morning. Above it, stormy clouds partially glow orange with dawn's first light.
Pemaquid Lighthouse


MORNING: We'll be at a photography location for the start of civil twilight and we'll stay through sunrise then go to breakfast.

MIDDAY: Most days we relocate to a new hotel. Post processing assistance is limited.

EVENING: Every day, dinner in a restaurant is scheduled and we intend to photograph past sunset into twilight.

Workshop location; Vertical Maine coast image of striated black rock entering the bottom of the frame and leading up to the shoreline. A short distance away a red building is dockside and a fiery sunrise sky is above.
Maine Coast Sunrise


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Photography location; This cafe and gift shop at waters edge on Monhegan Island is a classic Maine coast building. It is two stories tall, with weathered, gray shake siding, white trim, dark roof and a red door. It looks fantastic in late day with muted light and clouds streaking above.
The Barnacle, Monhegan Island


participant experience level

EXPERIENCE: Intermediate and Advanced.
Because participants are encouraged to spread out at many locations this workshop is not advised for beginners.

workshop group size

GROUP SIZE: Target number of participants is 8.

workshop effort scale

EFFORT: Moderate - Some photography locations will be just beyond the parking lot, some will involve rock scrambling and hiking around an island with elevation gain. Hiking boots are recommended.

workshop weather conditions

CONDITIONS: Water temperatures will be in the upper 40's. This will make air temperatures very cold. A lot of layered clothing is required to adapt to fluctuating temperatures, bring very, warm cloths, think winter.

INCLUDED: Ferry ride to Monhegan Island.

Workshop location; The sky is ablaze with clouds and sunset colors in the top third of this vertical image. The bottom portion of the image is filled with an old, lighthouse keepers house whose walls are a mix of ship lap and shake siding painted white and the roof is red shingles. The closest foreground element is an old row boat sitting along side the house.
Lighthouse Keepers House


suggested workshop airports

AIR TRAVEL: Most people flying to Maine for this workshop will find flying into Portland, ME, or Manchester, NH to be the best choice, others will find Boston to be adequate.

Driving time from Portland to Bailey Island, ME is 1 hour.
Driving time from Port Clyde to Portland, ME is 2 hours.

Driving time from Manchester, NH to Bailey Island, ME is 3 hours.
Driving time from Port Clyde, ME to Manchester, NH is 3.25 hours.

car information

DRIVING CONDITIONS: Mostly paved roads. A standard rental car will be sufficient. We prefer participants car pool with each other to limit our impact and get to know one another.

We will be relocating to new hotels and driving to restaurants. Having a GPS unit, or smart phone, in your car will make this process simpler.

NOTE: The ferry tickets we provide are for a specific departure time. The ferry should return us to the mainland midday on Friday, May 24, 2024. Exact return time to the mainland can vary. We do not recommend participants schedule airline flights on this Friday nor depart the workshop early.

Workshop location; The sun has gone down and there is a slight, bluish feel to the image. The scene is a side view of the docks in Port Clyde, Maine, which are packed with lobster traps. Above the docks the small hamlet rises on a hill. Warm lights are beginning to glow in a few of the homes.
Port Clyde Docks


equipment information


FOR MAINE COAST: Lens range from at least 16mm to 400mm after the lens multiplication factor, polarizing filter and a 6 stop or higher neutral density filter.

MONHEGAN ISLAND: This island does not have many vehicles; one must be able to walk and carry belongings. Consider a smaller piece of luggage here, perhaps a duffel bag, leaving the remaining luggage in the car on the mainland.

Photography location; Vertical Maine coast image of a severely weathered door on an old lobster shack. Lobster buoys and a rusty chair are aside the door.
Lobster Shack Door